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Arkansas Children's Hospital

  • Magnet Hospital
  • Little Rock
  • Arkansas
  • Arkansas Children’s is the only hospital system in the state solely dedicated to caring for children, which allows our organization to uniquely shape the landscape of pediatric care in Arkansas. We are driven by four core values:  safety, teamwork, compassion, and excellence. These values inform every decision and every action, from the aggressive pursuit of zero hospital infections to treating each family with dignity, kindness, and concern. These core values fundamentally guide our work at Arkansas Children’s.

    For more than a century, we have continuously evolved to meet the unique needs of the children of Arkansas and beyond. Today, we are more than just a hospital treating sick kids – our system includes two hospitals, a pediatric research institute, a foundation, clinics, education and outreach, all with an unyielding commitment to making children better today and healthier tomorrow.

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