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Alverno College

  • BSN
  • MSN
  • DNP
  • Milwaukee
  • Wisconsin
  • An Alverno nurse stands apart. Our graduates not only step up to the front lines of a pandemic, but they also deliver vital preventative care to keep families and communities healthy and help patients recover from illness and injury.

    At Alverno, home to one of the oldest and largest nursing programs in the state, we’ll get you ready to make an impact on the health and wellness of individuals and communities.

    The Alverno difference

    We’ve educated nurses since 1932 and are well known for creating highly skilled nursing leaders. Our program’s long history and size will instantly connect you to a powerful career network. Our innovative curriculum — grounded in Alverno’s 8 Abilities — will sharpen your self-assessment, problem-solving and collaboration skills so you can succeed as an exceptional caregiver, trusted colleague and workplace leader.

    Our nursing faculty are experts in women’s and children’s health, wellness, oncology, geriatrics, critical care, mental health, community health and other specialties. You’ll thrive in small classes and receive insightful feedback on your strengths plus how you can improve. You’ll build your skills and confidence by practicing in state-of-the-art learning and simulation centers that mimic real-life health care environments.

    Alverno offers many extracurricular options, including the Alverno College Student Nurses Association, Alverno Asian Student Nurses Association, the Black Student Nurses Association, Hispanic Nurses of Alverno, Alverno Student Healthcare Association and Student Advocates for Public Health.

    Clinical experience

    Real-world experience is key, and at Alverno, you’re guaranteed to get it — with no wait list to get into clinicals. You’ll benefit from Alverno’s strategic alliance with Ascension Wisconsin, a Catholic network of 24 hospitals and 100-plus clinics statewide, plus our strong partnerships with other local hospitals, clinics, home health care organizations, long-term care and mental health facilities, and more. As you advance in your studies, you’ll take on more responsibility, demonstrate your skills and begin your transition from student to practitioner.

    As an Alverno nursing student, you will learn to:
    • Apply leadership concepts and skills grounded in professional standards to support innovation and adaptation in evolving healthcare systems
    • Integrate theories and evidence based practice using multiple ways of thinking to promote, restore, and maintain optimum health of diverse individuals, families, communities, systems, and global populations
    • Integrate a global perspective with an understanding of self and others within the shared environment to promote health and well-being
    • Promote a culture of quality, safety, and inclusiveness through mindful practice of continuous quality improvement
    • Communicate and collaborate effectively and professionally using a variety of modes

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